Walking and Wagging Pet Service, LLC - Have peace of mind at work or on vacation!
"Christie is one of the best clients that I have ever had the pleasure of serving. She is extremely dedicated to her animals, and I would let her take care of my own animals without hesitation. She has a kind heart and will do an excellent job as an dog sitter/walker."
~William Otis, DVM (Veterinarian)

"Dear Lover of Animals, Thanks so much for all the toys, treats, & food you've given my lil' angels.  It is SO thoughtful of you to care about their emotional well being. :-)  We're all SO glad you're in our lives.  Makes it easier to go on vacation knowing they're in good hands!  Thanks for being such a wonderful pet sitter and a delightful person!  Enjoy Life!"
~Ember & James (San Antonio Clients--Pumpky & Chili)

"Walking and Wagging Pet Service is unparalleled to any other service we have used or boarding experience!! Christie and her team take care of every need for our dogs as well as the house! This service affords us the time to do little weekend trips, that we otherwise would not be able to do! We highly recommend Walking and Wagging!"
~Lance (San Antonio Clients--Ladee, Bosco, Cujo, & Angel)

"Christie took very, very good care of us when the ambulance took my mom to the hospital.  We were very scared.  My mom was gone three days and Christie kept us comfy and not scared.  Thanks so much!  Love Sabrina & Little Annie, Lynn & Cheryl too!!!"
~Lynn & Cheryl (San Antonio Clients--Sabrina & Annie)

"Dear Christie, I can't even imagine how to thank you and your assistant/son Ryan for all you did for Fidget & Squirt.  As I said before, you went above and beyond our expectations and for that we are eternally grateful.  I hope you and Ryan like this small token of appreciation.  Thank you!"
Robin & Eileen (San Antonio Clients --Fidget & Squirt)

"Steve & I were both just thrilled with the loving treatment you gave our puppy kiddos!  We'll definitely let you know when we need you again.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of them!"
~Cindy & Steve (San Antonio Clients--Gracie, Jake, Fergie, & Will)

"Christie we wanted to say thank you so very much for taking wonderful care of our 11 pet babies.  It was nice going on vacation knowing that our babies were well taken care of!"
~Linda & Diane (San Antonio Clients--Daisy, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Riley, Speedy, Spooky, Flower, Palin, Pepper, & Jack)

"Thank you so much.  You took all my stress away.  I was freaking out about leaving the kids for so long but you definitely eased my mind.  We'll be calling you again for sure."
~Ruth & Richard (San Antonio Clients--Jane & Inde)

"Dear Christie, Thank you for always taking such good care of my babies.  You are officially their second "mama" and Ryan, their best play mate.  The peace of mind I get knowing they're in good hands is priceless.  Sincerely, Carolyn."  "PS: Love the Facebook pictures!!"
~Carolyn (San Antonio Clients--Tristan & Molly)

"Dear Christie, Thanks so much for the excellent care you gave my babies - I felt SO comfortable while I was away knowing they were in SUCH good hands!  Ryan wrote such a sweet note (I included a little tip for him) :-).  The dogs sure miss you guys."
~Evelyn (San Antonio Clients--Zoe, Tinker, & Amber)

"Ahhhh, Foxy absolutely LOVES you guys!!!!  You provide the greatest service EVER!!!!"
~Tammie (San Antonio Client--Foxy)

"Christie is so wonderful with our pups!  She goes above and beyond every time and we absolutely love her. :-)  Thank you for all the goodies & treats, Christie!!"
~Stephanie and Zach (San Antonio Clients--Cash & Rex)

"Christie is my go-to pet sitter!  I always feel comfortable leaving my pets in her care!"
~Brittany & Mike (San Antonio Clients--Lily & Kiwi)

"Walking and Wagging (Christie) Pet Service loves what she does and is great at it."
~Linda (San Antonio Clients--Buster & Prissy)

"Thank GOD for you, Christie!  You are the sweet angel that made her last week so much better!  She could not have been with anyone more caring and loving than you!"
~Jeannette and Martine (San Antonio Clients--Maggie, Chelsea, & Sadie)

"I want to tell you how great it was coming home to a today house and happy pets!!  Im so glad the puppies ate well and got to play so much.  I have shown the picture you sent me to several people - nothing beats the joy on the face of a child playing with dogs!  I'm sure the dogs miss you and your son.  Thanks again! :-)"
~Kim (San Antonio Clients--Peanut, Barkley, & Calli)

"You are the best, we never want to lose you.  Our pets love you and we only trust YOU with them.  Thank you for all that you do; you always go above and beyond for us & our pets!  We are so happy to have you, you are truly a blessing for us and our pets!  You are amazing and we'd never have anyone else with our pets!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Clients--Dixie, Chloe, Ginger, Nelly, & jerry)

"Thank you so much, Christie!  Looks like Tink got in your lap - you are too good to her.  You don't know how much I appreciate that!  It's a relief that she's in such good and loving hands!  Thanks again!"
~Chrissi (San Antonio Client--Tinkerbell)

"You are such a treasure!!  We truly appreciate you so much!!!!!  Thank you very much for all you do, Christie!!"  We are SO grateful and thankful for your help and persistence!   Without your help I don't know what we would have done.  Love, Julie, Lance, Drew, Cujo, Bosco, & Angel!"
~Julie (San Antonio Clients--Angel, Boscoe, & Kujo)

"Christie your kindness and love was so wonderful and helped us both a great deal.  Please accept this gift certificate to Silo with our love and grace.  It is for $125 so bring Ryan too!!  With all our love,"
~Sid and Gina (San Antonio Clients--Buddy, Max, & Gus)

"Christie, seriously, you are too good to be true!  Thank You!
Christie!!!  I don't even know what to say, I am SOOOOO grateful for your service to my fur babies and for cleaning our house, wow!  The house looked so, so good, and like I said - I don't even know how to thank you enough!! Thank You Christie!!
Thanks Christie!!  It is such a relief to me that I never have to worry about them when I'm at work."
~All Above ^^  From   Bari and Chuck (San Antonio Clients--Sammy & Maddie)

I"t was really nice to meet you too, Christie.  We're REALLY excited about our vacation now that we have peace of mind with the Puggle's care! :-) :-) :-)"
~Elaine & Dave (San Antonio Clients--Tyler & Oliver

I"'m very sure you will be taking care of Foxy again.  I feel completely at ease with you - I KNOW she's in great hands!"
~Tammie (San Antonio Client Foxy)

"Thank you for loving and caring as much as you do for Molly and Tristan.  Sincerely, Carolyn"
~Carolyn (San Antonio Clients--Tristan & Molly)

"I feel so comfortable and relaxed leaving Buster & Prissy in your care.  I appreciate you so much.  Thanks so much!"
~Linda (San Antonio Clients--Buster & Prissy)

"Thank you so much for all of your time and careful consideration with the care of our pets. We ar continuously in awe of your attention to detail."
~Team Turner (San Antonio Clients--Cujo, Bosco, Angel, & Ladee)

"Thanks so much for all you do Christie.  You are amazing.  We don't know what we'd do without you!  I love your family and we appreciate all the extras that you do!  We brag about your service all the time!  And we just love your son Ryan and our pets do too!"

"Thank you so much not for all you do, you are amazing!  Our dogs get exceptional service form you guys.  We would not know what to do with our pets if you had not come into our life to care for them!"
"Thank you for all of your help, we are so happy you can always help us!" 

"Thanks so much for all you've done for us this weekend!  You are truly the best!  Thank you for loving our pet family and for ALWAYS going the extra mile in all you do!"

"You are the best!  Once again, you're so wonderful to our pets and we're SO grateful to have you!"

"Thank you again.  The house looks amazing and it's so wonderful to come home to a great home you have made for us to enjoy!   YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  Thanks so much sweetie!"
~All above ^^ from Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client-- Dixie,Chloe, Ginger, Nelly, & Jerry)

"Love it and APPRECIATE it more than you know.  We have never left Rori before - ever.  And we had great peace of mind leaving her with you.  You r husband is a real jewel for taking care of the pool AND you for watering the plants, wow! You are just TOO GOOD.  Ohhhh the pictures are so cute!  Im sure the feeling is mututal that Rori misses you too.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!"
~Beth & John Weiss (Helotes Client--Rori)

"Thank you much!  I know my babies were well taken care of.  I have a couple of people to pass your cards to!  I really appreciate you, Christie!"
~Judy (San Antonio Client--Brownie & Savannah)

"I cant thank you enough and I hope I don't sound like a broken record but you are amazing and you go above & beyond the call of duty; we are so thankful for your services!!!!
"Ahhhhhh, you seriously know our dogs so well, and their personalities!  You are such a treasure!!"
~Julie & John (San Antonio Client--Ladee, Cujo, Bosco, & Angel

"The kitties & Buddy pup must love your attention, the pictures are fabulous & fun.  You are so great and I thank you for all you do!  The house always looks perfect and the boys are always happy when we get home!  You are the BEST, thank you!!!!"
~Gina and Sid (San Antonio Clients--Buddy, Max, & Gus)
"Christie: Thanks so much for taking care of the pets and plants.  It means so much to us to have the peace of mind that everything is being watched over.  Again, many thanks for your help!"
~Cheryl and Tommy (San Antonio Clients--Elvis, Cami, & Porsche)
"Christie, Thank you so much, you are truly a TREASURE!!" 
"Awwww, the babies look so happy, thanks for the pics!"
"We are home and the dogs are so happy...thank you again so much!!!" 
"Thank you again and we will definitely be calling ya again!!  And thanks for doing the dishes!!!  What a gift!! :-)"
~Julie and John (San Antonio Clients--Bosco, Cujo, & Angel)
"Thank you again, Christie for doing such a great job.  You cant believe how much peace of mind I had knowing the "kids" were in such good hands.  We love you Christie!!" Love, Molly & Tristan
~Carolyn (San Antonio Client--Molly & Tristan)
"We have missed you so much, thank you so much for being able to watch the girls for those dates."  "We cant tell you how much this means to us!" 
"Thanks again, we made it home.  You are the BEST; you always do a great job with them!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Clients--Dixie, Chloe, Nelly, & Ginger) 
"The animals love you watching them because you are awesome!  Thanks for all your wonderful care and attention!  Thanks for ALL you do, Christie!!"
~Julie (San Antonio Client--Angel, Boscoe, & Kujo)

"Christie, Thanks for treating our dogs so well.  We look forward to using your services again in the future.  Many Thanks!"
~Benny and Karal (San Antonio Clients--Pippin & Karall)
"Thanks so much for your kindness and dedication to our house and pets.  You're the best!!! :-)"
~Claudia and Rich (San Antonio Clients--Charlie & Chance)
"Christie you do an awesome job. Thank you for taking *GREAT* care of the babies."
~Mike and Jana (San Antonio Client---Bit Bit & Sybil)
"Christie,Thank you again for everything.  I'm sure Dozer & Tank will miss your daily visits.  I'll be in touch the next time we're in need of your services!"
~Emily (San Antonio Client--Dozer & Tank)
"Ahh, love it!!---I love the pictures you sent!  They love you so much!  We are so grateful to have you in our lives!!!!  Great, thank you for all of your help!!!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client---Dixie, Chloe, Nelly, & Ginger)
"My babies missed you this weekend!  Diesel wanted to play ball all day yesterday---he sure missed you. :-)  Thank you for all of your help, you rock!!"
~Danielle (San Antonio Client--Diesel, Daisy, Sasha, Rusty, & Rocky)

"You have been too generous and accommodating!  We are so thankful and feel very blessed with the crucial help you provided!  This weekend has been very hectic, however, we can call it a success because of you and your family's help! "

"Awww, thank you, thank you, thank you Christie!  You guys ROCK!! "

"Oh thank you AGAIN!!!  I truly appreciate all you have done!  You are simply THE BEST!  XOXOXOXOXO"

"Thank you so much for your attention.....you are AMAZING Christie!  And we truly thank you for your fair rate for watching all the dogs!!!"

"The pictures are so cute, and it looks like Ladee's been having a GREAT time!!!"

"How precious the pictures are!  My dogs I'm sure are comforted with Ryan helping play with them and give them love!  The pictures are completely adorable.  When we got home the dogs all look happy and had a great time while we were away!!  Thanks again!  And oh my goodness Christie, you are so thoughtful with the doggie goodies, thank you so much Christie!!!"
~All above ^^ from Client Julie & John (San Antonio Client--Ladee, Cujo, Bosco, & Angel) 

"Again, thank you so much for your awesome service. You and your family have a great weekend.  :-)"
~Gina and Sid (San Antonio Client---Buddy, Max, & Gus)
"Christie you are SO good!  Our pets love you so much!  Thank you so much, just knowing you can take care of them makes me smile :) :) :).  You are the BEST!  You certainly didnt have to vacuum the house, but it was SOOO very nice to come home to a clean house!  Once again, you are the best!!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client---Dixie, Chloe, Nelly, & Ginger)
"We know that you take wonderful care of Sunshine and we appreciate you. Thank you---and as always, appreciate all you do.  We continue to have a great time knowing you are taking care of Sunshine. And my plants look great!  Thank you for watering them!  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow."
~Ann and Ray (San Antonio Client--Sunshine)

"Thanks so much for everything and we appreciate the Greenies.  I'm sure our dogs look forward to seeing you."
~Benny & Karal (San Antonio Clients--Kkaral Puppy & Pippin)
"Hi Christie--The vacuum is in the closet by the front door--thank you for vaccuuming!  I will make sure I send you a text when I get home. Thanks for taking such good care of them. You truly rock."
~Caren (San Antonio Client--Pebbles & Abby)
"Happy New Year Christie!  Thanks a bunch for your EXCELLENT care of my most precious possessions--Chili Q & Pumpkin! :-)  We are THRILLED we found you!  We look forward to future trips knowing my angels will be in GOOD hands!  Wishing you & your fam the BEST in 2013!" 
~Ember and James (San Antonio Client--Chili Q & Pumpkin)

"Thanks for taking care of the boys.  You have been so wonderful and there for us.  Tell Ryan & Dave thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and thank you for your spectacular service. Thank you for the great pictures.  Ryan is adorable and you both are so special to us."
~Gina and Sid (San Antonio Clients--Buddy, Max, & Gus)

"Thank you so much Christie, you give me peace of mind.  You did great Christie!  Thank you for your care & attention."
~Carolyn (San Antonio Client--Tristan & Molly)
"Our trip was SO much better knowing that the pets were well taken care of. 
Many thanks again!"
~Cheryl and Tommy (San Antonio Clients--Elvis, Cami, & Porsche)
"We made it home. :-).  Thank you so much for everything, Christie.  You have made us and our animals *so very* happy!   We are so lucky to have found you!!!!!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client--Dixie, Chloe, Ginger, Nelly, & Emmy)
"Thank you Christie....I am going to totally relax on my vacation.  And knowing my girls are in good hands gives me such peace.  Thank you for all that you do for us."
~Caren (San Antonio Client---Pebbles & Abby)
"Christie is the best!  I've always been reluctant to board Layla (my 10 yr old chihuahua) and now I don't have to at all.  It's so nice knowing that I can leave her at home and Christie will take the best care of her. She's caring and attentive and I love getting the updates during the visits!  Thanks for everything, Christie! :)"
~Christina (San Antonio Client---Layla)

"Christie thanks for all you do.  Chili loves you and we're so glad we found you!  The house looks great and all is well like always when you watch them!  Thanks again!"
~Ember and James (San Antonio Clients--Chili Q & Pumpkin)
"I am so impressed with your attention to my little fur children!  Lilly, Kiwi, and Rudy were in great hands!  I will definitely be calling on you again.  By the way, our backyard hasn't been this poop-free in quite a while and it was SO great to come home to a clean house! :)
Thanks again!"
~Brittany (San Antonio Client--Lilly, Kiwi, & Rudy)
"We have never left our girl dogs at home while on a trip until we met Christie. Christie takes care of the girls like they are her own. We get a daily update and a new picture everyday when she is with them. We now enjoy our trips without worrying about our precious girls."
~Martin and Jeannette (San Antonio Client---Maggie, Sadie, & Chelsea)
Thanks again for everything!  I'm sure Dozer & Tank are already looking forward to the next time :-)!"
~Emily (San Antonio Client)

"I am home and gave the dogs your treats.  Thank you so much, you make me feel so comfortable leaving them."
~Linda (San Antonio Client--Buster & Prissy)

"We just made it home and the boys are happy!  They love the treats too!!!  Thank you again, we will be using you for every vacation!  I also referred you to a friend of mine."
~New Client: Stefanie (San Antonio Client---Rex & Cash)

"Christie is the BEST! She took wonderful care of our 2 dogs while we were on vacation! She sent us updates/pictures everyday and even swept & cleaned the rest of our dishes left in the sink! That was a nice surprise to come home to! We were stress free the whole time knowing our dogs were in good care. If you are in need of a pet care provider, Christie is the way to go! :)"
~Stefanie (San Antonio Client--Rex & Cash)

"Christie you ROCK!!!  Thank you for everything!  We are telling everyone we know how great you are!"
~New Clients: Breann and Jason (San Antonio Clients--Ella & Emma) 
“We had a last minute trip we had to do for our family. Unfortunately Taboo (our Blue Heeler) wasn’t able to make the trip. I was scrambling to find accommodations for him. His past experiences with kennels haven’t been good. I called “Walking and Wagging Pet Services” and Christie was very sweet and helpful. Taboo was almost like a new dog when we got back from our trip. Thank you Christie!”
~Eva and Gilbert (San Antonio---Lackland AFB Client---Taboo)
"Christie we just love you!  Thanks SO much *again* for everything.  You are wonderful.  We are so blessed to have you for our girls!!!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client---Dixie, Chloe, Ginger, Nelly, & Emmy)
"Thank you SO much for taking such great care of our girls."
~Helga and Wayne (San Antonio Clients--Snowy & Shauna)
“We were so happy while on vacation knowing Snickerdoodle was in good hands. We will definitely pass your information on to others. Have a great day! Thank you so much for everything and thank you for sending all the pictures!!!!”
~Debbie and Gary (San Antonio Client---Snickerdoodle)
“Thank you so much for sending pictures, Christie! That is so awesome and you are the best!!! We are so glad we picked up your flyer at Spoon-It!!”
~Debbie and Gary (San Antonio Client—Snickerdoodle)
"Christiewe're looking forward to your premium service."
~Gina and Sid (San Antonio Client---Buddy) 
"Christie THANK YOU for all you do!!  You are a great lady.  Buddy looks for you every morning!!  Take Care, Gina"
~Gina and Sid (San Antonio Client---Buddy)
"The girls are looking forward to your visit.  We really do think you are the BEST!!!"
"We are down in Corpus - and we are loving this SO MUCH.  Thank you again, so very much for watching the girls, you are wonderful and they are so happy you are there!"
"Thank you again for all you do Christie.  You are AMAZING!!!"  We are so happy, you did a wonderful job.  Thanks again for EVERYTHING!"
~Donna and Tim (San Antonio Client--Dixie, Chloe, Nelly & Ginger)

"Christie thank you *so* much for your wonderful care of our babies."
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Clients--Coco, Brad, Toby, & Princess

"We feel VERY comfortable leaving Rori in your care!  Thank you so much, Christie!"
~New Clients: Beth and John (San Antonio Client---Rori)
"Thank you for everything you do for us and our girls.  The girls told us all about the fun they had with you! :-)"
~Martin and Jeannette (San Antonio Client---Maggie, Sadie, & Chelsea)
"Thank you again for all you did.  All three of our dogs were great when we got back.  We could tell they were well taken care of.  I referred your services to a lady on our street.  Thanks again" 
~Jeannette (San Antonio Client---Maggie, Sadie, & Chelsea)
"You have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We sincerely trust you will take great care of our babies!"
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Client---Brad, CoCo, Toby, & Princess)
"Thank you again for the vacuuming. It's nice to get home to a clean house with all the laundry that we will have to do. We will definitely be in touch again for your services. The babies do seem to like you and it's nice to know that they are at home instead of a kennal."
Thanks again 
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Client---Brad, CoCo, Toby, & Princess)
"Christie thank you for the pictures they make us feel better about leaving our babies."
Thanks again.
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Client---Brad, CoCo, Toby, & Princess)
"Thank you so much for the updates!  We have been SO at ease knowing you are taking care of our babies. Thank you again."
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Client---Brad, CoCo, Toby, & Princess)
"We just got home and we are so happy to see our babies safe and sound. Thank you again for doing such a great job with them!"
~Lucy and Felix (San Antonio Client---Brad, CoCo, Toby, & Princess)
"I know for sure I have left Pebbles and Abby in good hands; and I made the right decision to use you when I travel.  I am not worried about them at all!  Thank you for that." 
~Caren (San Antonio Client---Pebbles & Abby)
"You are the best dog sitter and my only.  Thank you again---Christie---for everything!!! :-)  I just left your flyers at my vet.  And I just gave Abby her new toy you left.....she's loving it, thank you!"
~Caren (San Antonio Client---Pebbles & Abby)
"Thank you for the pictures!  Abby looks to be having a ball!  Once again, the pictures you sent make me smile.  Thanks, the girls look like they're having fun. :-)"
~Caren (San Antonio Client---Pebbles & Abby)
"We really appreciate having someone we can trust to take care of the pets/plants.  Many thanks for your continuing willingness to help!"
~Cheryl and Tommy (San Antonio Clients--Elvis, Cami, & Porsche)
"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the TLC you give to our "girls". They love you so much! The last time I was home and you came to walk them I could tell by the way they greeted you that they absolutely adore you . Thrust me: mothers can tell the difference, that was a show of love. We appreciate and enjoy your detailed daily notes, as it let's us know how the "children" did during the day.  Thank you for loving our girls and always being so accommodating with our schedule!"
~Ouzana (Kingstowne Client--Schnauzer Sisters) 
"Christie you are SOOOOO THE BEST! THANK YOU for taking good care of our girls!!"
~Ouzana (Kingstowne Client---Schnauzer Sisters)
"Christie thank you for taking such good care of the girls! They do love you and so do we!!"
~Ouzana (Kingstowne Client---Schnauzer Sisters)
"Christie watched our dog, Meatball, numerous times between 2004 and 2007.  The reason we initially asked her to watch him was because we had seen how close she was to her own dogs, how much care she gave them, and how much she seemed to enjoy pets in general.  She enthusiastically volunteered to watch our Yorkie-Chihuahua mix whenever we left town, no matter how long we were gone.  It was obvious how much he loved it there--he seemed sad to leave and the stories they had of him while we were away made us sure he had a wonderful time.  Later, we thought about asking someone else to watch him so we wouldn't be such a burden on Christie during our many vacations, but I think she would have been upset had she not been the one to watch him while we were away.  
Christie is a very responsible pet owner and lover and I'd rather leave my pet with her than anyone else I know."
~Jason and Cortney (Meatball---South Carolina Client)
"Christie Hathaway watched my cat Abigail several times a year while we were stationed in South Carolina for three years. She is a reliable pet sitter, and I knew Abigail was in great hands whenever we had to leave town. She is wonderful with pets to include cats and dogs alike, and Abigail grew quite fond of her. Not only did she care and feed her, she spent time with her so Abigail would not be lonely.  I highly recommend her to watch your family pet."
~Diana (Abigail---South Carolina Client)
"Christie Hathaway is a very loving passionate animal lover. She has taken care of my dog for several years.  I have a pit bull named Coco and she took to Christie like a baby. Christie was so wonderful with Coco that it has been hard to leave her with anyone else. I hired Christie to walk my dog on a regular basis as well as overnight babysitting. Coco just loves her to death!"
~Brandi (CoCo--Florida Client)
"Christie Hathaway will be a great employee.  She has been an animal lover ever since I can remember.  She has taken care of some of my previous pets for years; and as for my current dogs, Shelby and Michelin, Christie is the ONLY person I have trusted them with.  I have never left them with anyone else.  Her previous pets were like her babies.  She will not disappoint you!"
~Teena (Bootsie, Shelby, & Michelin---Florida Client)
"Christie I love how much Ryan and Bear play! It makes me so happy to know Bear is so well taken care of. I think they are going to miss each other when Ryan goes to school! Also, make sure you check out his Halloween costume that is laying out tomorrow, you will crack up! Thanks!"
~Kate (Bear--Summer Grove Client)
"I just wanted to send you a little note and let you know how happy we are with your services and with Christie. It makes me feel good knowing Bear is so well taken care of. I know he loves his walks with Christie, and I can tell she enjoys him too. Christie is so easy and great to work with. Anyways, wanted to say thanks for everything."
~Kate (Bear---Summer Grove Client)
"I am so glad Bear is so happy to see you and is being good for you. He just loves people. He would chase squirrels and birds all day I think if you let him! I am so glad he has you for a walker, Christie and is doing such fun things with you during the day!" 
~Kate (Bear--Summer Grove Client)
"Thanks for coming twice today. Knowing how great Bear is being cared for makes these long days a lot easier. I love reading the notes and I am glad he is being good for you.  Thank you Christie!!"
~Kate (Bear---Summer Grove Client)
"I love that Bear is on the facebook page!! That is too cute. My little celeb :) I wanted to go ahead and book Christie for watching Bear over the holiday. I think I will just feel better having Bear at home with Christie since she's so great with him and he loves her so much! Thank you guys!" ~Kate
~Kate (Bear--Summer Grove Client)
"Thank you very much for your flexibility in providing this service. Christie has done a wonderful job with Natty and I appreciate the care she has taken. "Christie I'm sure Natty will be so happy to see you, she adored you!" "Many, Many thanks for taking such GREAT care of Natty!" "David has really enjoyed your notes."
~Cindy (Natty--Summer Grove Client)
"Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your care of Jacob.  You really helped us let go and trust someone with the rescue dog we were unsure if we were caring well for!"
~Bea and BJ (Jacob--Kingstowne Client)
"Thanks for taking such good care of Jake. He seems to have adjusted well to his (our) new routine, and he doesn’t seem anxious when we leave in the morning. We appreciate your care and concern for him."
~Bea and BJ (Jacob--Kingstowne Client) 
"Thanks for taking such good care of Jacob. He has a great time with you!"
~Bea and BJ (Jacob Kingstown Client)
"We are VERY happy with Christie - she takes good care of Jake."
Take care,
~Beatrice (Jake Kingstowne Client)
"We’ll miss you!  You are welcome to stop by anytime you'd like for pug time!  I know they will miss you lots, but hopefully Kaye will take the extra time with them that you did.  Good luck with all.  We'll be thinking of you." 
~Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka--Kingstowne Client)
"Hi Christie, Thanks for taking the pug babies on their walks this week and sharing all their adventures with me. I know they love when you show up each day! Enjoy your holiday on September 1st. I'm sure they'll enjoy seeing you back on Monday! They miss the routine with you over the weekend and when I am home. They are definitely creatures of habit. Have a great weekend!"  
~Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka---Kingstowne Client)
"Christie thanks so much for your daily reports; I really enjoy them! Have a great weekend!" ~ Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka---Kingstowne Client)
"Christie I'm glad you are enjoying the walks and that you enjoy taking care of them. That makes ALL the difference! Thank you so very much for all you do!"
~Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka---Kingstowne Client)
"Christie thanks for all of your TLC with them, it really means a lot!!"
~Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka---Kingstowne Client)
"Christie just so you know...we REALLY appreciate you! A good walker is priceless!! Thanks so very much." ~Kathy
~Kathy and The Pugs (Sammie & Moka—Kingstowne Client)
Hi Christie,
"Thank you for the notes!!  Good luck with everything!!  I'm sure Max will we be very sad he didn't get to see you one last time, but he will look forward to you returning in a few months!! We hope everything goes well with your upcoming delivery.  We are very excited for you and Chloe will be counting down the days until she sees you again! She will miss you lots! Thank you for letting me know about Chloe's eye. We have a vet appointment this evening. (Hopefully its nothing too serious.)
After your little boy arrives and you have some spare time, please let us know how everything is. Contrats early!"
~Liz and Ashley (Chloe & Max--Alexandria Client)
"I hope you have a great weekend and thank you again for being so great to Chloe!"
~Liz (Chloe & Max--Alexandria Client)
"Thanks Christie!"
"I'm glad they are happy. You are so wondeful with them! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!"
~Sarah (Sid & Edna--Alexandria Client)
"Hi Shannon,
"Christie is really working out well for us. Our little guy loves his daily walks with her!"
~Kingstown Client
"Christie thanks for visiting Chloe each day.  I know she looks forward to seeing you every week!"
~Elizabeth (Chloe--Alexandria Client)
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