Walking and Wagging Pet Service, LLC - Have peace of mind at work or on vacation!

Rates and Services
All new clients require a free initial consultation. We will meet with you & your furry family members.  We'll personally assist you to tailor a visitation schedule that works best for your pet's needs, your personal preferences, and your budget. 
All services we provide are included in the rates below.  Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Walks & potty breaks
  • Running/jogging if needed for high energy pet
  • Feeding & fresh water (fresh water always!)
  • Administering medication and/or vitamins (including shots and fluids)
  • Clean/scoop litter boxes 
  • Poo clean-up on walks
  • Playtime
  • Exercise
  • Love & snuggle time
  • Brushing
  • Leash training if needed
  • Basic obedience training for puppies if needed
  • Basic crate training if needed 
  • Water house plants, fill bird feeder, collect mail, newspapers and flyers; carrying trash/recycling in and out, alternate lights and curtains; and any other home security procedure
  • We properly dispose of pet waste and we provide waste bags at no charge to you. We also leave daily texts or notes letting you know how your pet(s) loved their walk/visit!

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Prices - Per Visit (Unlimited Animals) 
35 Minute Walk and/or Visit $18
50 Minute Walk and/or Visit $23
65 Minute Walk and/or Visit $28
There is no extra charge for extended hours such as weekends, early mornings, or late night visits.  We're open 24 hours a day!

*NOTE* Walking and Wagging does not do "pack walks" with other clients - We service your pets exclusively.  We feel your pets deserve the special attention for which you are paying.

Free Courtesy Services (As Requested):
Water house plants and outdoor plants/flowers/bushes as needed
Collect mail, newspapers & flyers
Take out/bring in trash & recycling
Fill bird feeders
Alternate lights & curtains; and any other home security procedures
We provide waste bags for proper disposal *free* of charge

We ask that you please make reservations as far in advance as possible to ensure coverage.  Reservations made *at least* 72 hours in advance is ideal.  We will try our best to accommodate clients with last minute requests.  If you are a new client we need time for an initial meeting to learn the routine and get a key.  Thank you for understanding.

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